SIAA Australian Space Capability Database

The Australian Space Capability Database is compiled and managed by the SIAA. The database consists of over 400 space related organisations in Australia with capabilities in at least one of the categories listed below (you may roll your cursor over individual capabilities for an explanation of each).

By submitting information about your organisation, you consent to SIAA disclosing that information (including the personal information of ‘key personnel’) to SIAA administration, SIAA members, SIAA listed organisations and other individuals or organisations approved by the SIAA in line with SIAA’s objectives and mission.

Upon your organisation’s information being listed in the database your organisation becomes a SIAA listed entity. As an SIAA listed entity, your organisation may access the details and capabilities of other SIAA listed entities within the database. Should you wish to update your organisation’s information, or remove your organisation from the database, you may do so at any time by emailing:

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Please Note: You must be an Australian organisation or have a permanent presence in Australia to participate in the SIAA Australian Space Capability Database. Inquiries seeking information about organisations with space capability in Australia should be sent to

1. In which of the following areas of space-related activity does your organisation currently have capability in Australia?
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MANUFACTURINGDesign or production of space equipment, systems or subsystems
OPERATIONSActivities involved with the launch or control of satellites and other in-space activities
APPLICATIONSActivities involved in the practical use of space signals or data
ANCILLARY SERVICESSpecialised support to space activities or space knowledge
Research of practical applications involved in space segment activity

Materials or processes involved in management of spacecraft or satellite data from Earth

Planning, building or maintaining launch site facilities or equipment

Components necessary for a complete, functioning and desirable launch apparatus

Supporting systems or materials for satellite systems

Conducting satellite design, development and assembly

Solutions or testing related to manufacturing processes, including hardware or IT services

Providing any other manufacturing capability under this category with matter or information as required

Study and observation of celestial objects and extra terrestrial phenomenon

Use and study of biological, physiological and clinical health principles

Discovery and investigation of outer space using knowledge and technology

Components of the ground segment facilitating those of the space segment

Arranging and managing the financial considerations of a launch

Providing all aspects of a commercial launch

Exploration or extraction of materials sourced from outer space

Providing assistance to satellite operators

Directly controlling the operations and activity of satellites

Conducting experiments in outer space

Providing and facilitating the communication between spacecrafts or between a spacecraft and ground station

Human leisure and travel in outer space

Transmissions of telecommunications signals by way of several frequencies

Distribution and transmission of telecommunications signals transmission and reception

Connection of everyday appliances or tools with each other and the internet

Services utilising long wave frequencies between mobile devices on earth and space craft or between two or more space craft

Global navigation satellite systems providing geospatial signals in order to link geographical and time data with other information

Obtaining data or from Earth through light transmission and reception

Providing any applications capability with equipment

Aviation sector engineering or services

Support for entrepreneurs and those commencing space related business

Exposing society to space and developing the existing knowledge and activity in space amongst society

Assisting organisations or entities solve organisational or financial concerns

Formal instruction including academic curriculum, professional development programs, internships etc.

Administration or supervision of space activity by a government body

Advising on or providing insurance issues and liability solutions

Providing money to space related activity for a return

Providing information technology advice and solutions

Advising on, managing and solving legal and regulatory issues

Organising and executing programs or components of a program

Promoting and delivering information to particular audiences

Non governmental entities whose activities are not centred around monetary profit

Investigating or promoting strategies, attitudes and approaches for the Australian space sector as a whole of for industries within

Supervising, monitoring, auditing or enforcing directives and laws

University and other advanced research and development entities

Computer simulations portraying or incorporating real life situations or experiences

Other capability
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