SIAA Australian Space Capability Database

SIAA's Australian Space Capability Database has been compiled from SIAA's records and public domain sources. It consists of over 300 organisations located in Australia with capabilities in at least one of the categories set out below. By submitting information about your organisation to SIAA you are consenting to SIAA providing access to your contact information to SIAA members and other organisations approved by SIAA. You will also be provided with access to the full database. (The contact information in the database is password protected.)

Please Note: You must be an Australian organisation or have a permanent presence in Australia to participate in the SIAA Australian Space Capability Database. Inquiries seeking information about organisatons with space capability in Australia should be sent to
1. In which of the following areas of space-related activity does your organisation currently have capability in Australia?
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Space Segment Space Services Applications Support Services
Instruments/sensors Computer systems and software Broadband Services Consultancy
Launch services Electronics Broadcasting Defence
Microgravity experiments and manufacturing Ground operations Environmental monitoring Financial
On board computing Ground support/infrastructure Geospatial applications Insurance
Propulsion Navigation services Meteorology Legal
Remote sensing payloads Power systems Narrowband services (voice) Project management
Satellite operator Remote sensing imagery Space advocacy/outreach
Science experiments Research and development Space education
Space manufacturing Systems Engineering Space policy
Telecommunications payloads Tourism Other:
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