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Forthcoming Space Events

10th Annual McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability and Insurance
From Thursday 22 June to Friday 23 June 2017
Montreal, Canada
This event brings together world-leading aviation liability and insurance experts to address the following topics:
•Recent Developments in aviation liability and insurance
•Comparative Jurisprudence under the Warsaw System and the Montreal Convention of 1999
•Liability of airlines, airports, maintenance providers & ANSPs
•Products liability of Manufacturers and Lessors of Aircraft, Engines & Component Parts
•Governmental liability
•Challenges of settlement
•Consumer protection regulation & litigation
•Unruly passengers and liability for acts of unlawful interference
•Accident investigations, Annex 13 & criminalization of international aviation
•Regulation of drones and liability of operators

Space Debris: Why it's a problem and what the European Space Agency is doing about it
7.00 pm Monday 26 June 2017
Caulfield RSL, Melbourne
The Space Association of Australia guest speaker, Kjetil Wormnes, is a mechatronics engineer working at the European Space Agency (ESA)
Kjetil leads technology research and development activities at the European Space Agency's automation and robotics section of ESTEC - the European Space Research and Technology Centre - ESA's technical heart located in the Netherlands. He has been in charge of activities for developing space debris capturing technologies and has supported both early mission studies for a space debris removal mission as well as e.Deorbit, a European Space Agency mission to remove a space debris currently under development.
Kjetil also leads research and development activities in other areas of space robotics, and in particular orbital and low gravity robotics and has recently established a new laboratory at ESTEC to specifically support R&D in low gravity robotics.

Celebrate Asteroid Discoveries with Asteroid Day India
9.30 am Friday 30 June 2017
Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, India
Asteroid Day is held each year on the anniversary of the largest impact in recent history, the 1908 Tunguska event in Siberia. A relatively small asteroid, about 40 meters across or the size of a modest office building, devastated an unpopulated area about the size of a major metropolitan city.
Asteroid Day is initiated by Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and famed guitarist for the rock band QUEEN, filmmaker Grigorij Richters, Apollo 9 Astronaut Rusty Schweickart and three-time Astronaut Dr. Ed Lu among others.

Space Technologies Summer School
From Monday 3 July to Sunday 16 July 2017
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia
“Space Technologies” is a new module of the well-known International Polytechnic Summer School (IPSS). The summer course invites students to discover new broadening experiences in marvelous St.Petersburg.
The program aims to provide advanced techniques of space engineering and understanding the core physics principles related to space exploration. Space industry problems are also considered during the program in addition to technology topics.
Teaching staff of the program are star professors of SPbPU, and experts from Russian and International companies: International Telecommunication Union, The Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pulkovo Observatory, Ioffe Institute, Dauria Aerospace, Astronomicon. They provide students with interactive study methods including business games, case studies, group work, coding marathon, and field trips.

Aerospace Futures 2017
From Wednesday 12 July to Friday 14 July 2017
Adelaide Convention Centre
Aerospace Futures 2017 is a three-day conference that will be held in Adelaide on July 12-14, with the launch night held on July 11. The conference will be held at the state of the art Adelaide Convention Centre. It is designed to expose over 150 university students to opportunities in the aerospace industry.
During the conference, delegates will hear from a variety of industry representatives speaking on topics relevant to students who are interested in pursuing a career in aerospace. This year along with numerous speakers at the conference, there will also be a panel night aimed at discussing the growth of the Australian Aerospace industry.
The main topics covered during Aerospace Futures are:
•What are the latest developments within the Australian aerospace industry?
•What organisations are involved in the aerospace industry?
•What job opportunities are there in the aerospace industry?
Presentations will be given throughout the conference to guide delegates on their career path.
The audience will comprise predominantly of university students studying an aerospace related degree within Australia, and all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Astronomical Anniversaries 2017 - Austrnomical Society of South Australia
7.30 pm Wednesday 19 July 2017
Adelaide Planetarium, Mawson Lakes SA 5095
From NEAR waltzing by Mathilde and the first rocket launch at Woomera; to the discovery of the wind-stripped cores of supermassive stars, from the magnificence of McNaught’s comet and the publication of Newton’s 'Principia', from new worlds like those of Gliese 581, to the eponymous Dawn spaceprobe’s lift-off; 2017 marks a lot of decadal astronomical and space exploration anniversaries well worth commemorating. Join us for a look back through some notable sky marks in our understanding of and exploration into our cosmos.
Inspired by the 1989 ‘Voyager-II’ fly past of Neptune, Steve Raine has been an ASSA and supernovas member since 1992. He has written for 'Sky & Space' magazine having three items published there and also writes Science Fiction, a little of which has been published as well as being a contestant on the ABC-TV quiz show ''The Einstein Factor’ in 2009. Steven is owned by a cat called 'Zosma' after the star Delta Leonis and a Jack Russell-cross-Fox terrier named (but not by him) Harry plus a very energetic kelpie also not named by him called Chokko.
PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC PLANETARIUM SESSION. However, special public attendance requests will be considered for this session. Please email Paul Curnow at: starmanzone@adam.com.au

URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium
From Saturday 19 August to Sunday 27 August 2017
Montreal, Canada
For the thirty-second time since the inception of URSI, Radio Scientists from across the world will get together for the URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium. This triennial gathering will take place from 19th to 26th of August 2017, in Montreal, Canada. This conference is a unique opportunity to learn about recent advances in all fields of Radio Science, as covered by all ten URSI Commissions.

Humans in Space - Challenges for Exporation 2017: Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine
From Sunday 27 August to Tuesday 29 August 2017
Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne
ASAM invites you to register for either the Advanced or Preliminary "Humans in Space" courses to be held 27-29 August 2017 at the Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne Australia. These courses will cover a broad range of topics relevant to the human factors issues of human aeronautics and space flight. The program will address the physiological, medical, and psycho- sociological changes that are unique to space flight and planetary exploration.

Third China (International) Commercial Space Forum
From Tuesday 29 August to Wednesday 30 August 2017
Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
China Commercial Aerospace Forum is the first international and specialized forum held in China in the field of commercial aerospace. The first and second successfully held forums displayed China's commercial aerospace development blueprint comprehensively, and built a sharing and cooperation platform for commercial aerospace industries, attracting extensive attention from relevant parties and social media. To further promote China's commercial aerospace to keep pace with that of the world, to share in-depth ideas on technologies, business modes and management concepts of commercial aerospace industry around the world, and to facilitate the implementation of cooperation projects, the
third China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum is planned to be held in Wuhan, Hubei Province in August, 2017.
For more information email contactus@spaceindustry.com.au.

18th annual Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference
From Tuesday 19 September to Friday 22 September 2017
Wailea Marriott, Maui, Hawaii
The AMOS Conference brings together operators, researchers, technologists and system developers who are working in many areas of space domain awareness. The Conference consists of a technical program, policy forum sessions, featured speakers, optional technical tour, short courses, poster sessions and exhibits. Over 100 papers will be presented with opportunities for networking and technical discussions – all in an environment that stimulates the imagination and intellect of participants through its beautiful and unique Hawaiian hospitality.

68th International Astronautical Congress
From Monday 25 September to Friday 29 September 2017
Adelaide, Australia
The World's Premier Space Event

APSCC 2017 Satellite Conference and Exhibition
From Tuesday 10 October to Thursday 12 October 2017
Intercontinental Tokyo Bay, Tokyo

Australian Space Research Conference
From Monday 13 November to Wednesday 15 November 2017
University of Sydney, Camperdown
The ASRC is intended to be the primary annual meeting for Australian space research. It welcomes space scientists, engineers, educators, and workers from across the university, industry and government parts of the space sector, and is not limited to Australian-based research, International participants are most welcome.
The scope of the conference includes fundamental and applied research, operational matters, technology, and use of space data and facilities, including:
•Space science, including space and atmospheric physics, Earth observation and remote sensing from/of space, planetary sciences, astrobiology and life sciences, space-based astronomy and astrophysics, and exoplanets.
•Space engineering and technology, including communications, navigation, space operations, space materials, propulsion, and spacecraft design, testing, and implementation.
•Space industry and business
•Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
•Space archaeology and indigenous sky knowledge (or archeo-astronomy)
•Humanities and social aspects
•Use of space data, including EOS, GNSS, and communications
•Current and future Australian space projects
•Government, international relations and law
•Education and outreach, including a dedicated student session.
•Mars and Planetary Exploration

24th Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-24)
From Tuesday 14 November to Friday 17 November 2017
Bengaluru, India

Global Aerospace Summit 2018
From Tuesday 27 February to Wednesday 28 February 2018
Abu Dhabi, UAE
An invitation only gathering, the Global Aerospace Summit is the most significant international forum for the true decision makers making up the executive level of the global aerospace, aviation, defence and space sectors. They are the drivers of corporate, government and military strategy, and the forward thinkers shaping the future of their industries. They come together to find, and to invest in, solutions for the critical challenges impacting their businesses today. The Summit examines how new ways of building aircraft, launch systems and satellites will impact cost and capabilities. The cross sector makeup of decision makers present makes it a fertile ground for sharing innovations in business and financing strategies that will enable the capture of greater market share. In the leading edge technology discussions these leaders will formulate a response to the impact of disruptive technologies, and identify the truly transformative applications that will revolutionise aerospace.