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Forthcoming Space Events - Rest of the World

ESA NEO and Debris Detection Conference - Exploiting Synergies

From Tuesday 22 January to Thursday 24 January 2019
Darmstadt, GERMANY
The conference will highlight all classical and new disciplines of NEO and Debris Detection Research, including
• Observation strategies - technology improvements of radar, passive optical, and laser systems
• Instrumentation component developments (CCDs, CMOS, ...)
• New telescope and radar projects (e.g. fly-eye telescope)
• Space-based observation concepts
• Space surveillance system architectures and applications
• Detection systems for fireball and other events
• Orbit prediction and determination
• On-orbit and re-entry risk assessments
• Data processing concepts
• Data exchange mechanisms and standardisation

Exploding Stars, Dark Energy, & the end of the Universe

20:00 Wednesday 6 February 2019
Presented by Dr Brad Tucker (Australian National University), this presentation discusses supernovas and how these massive bursts briefly outshine all the light from the galaxy wherein they occur. The past 15 years has been a “boom” period for supernovae with vast amounts of time and effort being invested in these objects. Not only are they important for understanding the life of stars, but they can be used use as cosmological probes to study what the Universe is made of and how it is growing. This use has shown that the Universe is accelerating in its expansion, the subject of the 2011 Nobel Prize, and is being caused by dark energy which will cause the end of the Universe. I will show how our understanding of these objects has been revolutionised using new techniques including the Kepler Space Telescope and what this means for the Universe.
Event is Free – visitors welcome – booking not required (*Please note – university security locks entrance doors at 8pm sharp*)

International Conference on Small Satellites (ICSS) 2019”

From Thursday 7 February to Saturday 9 February 2019
Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad INDIA
Organized by “Society for Small Satellite Systems (SSSS) and Sensors Research Society (SRS)”.

The aim of this conference is to bring together engineers, scientists, academia and industry working in advanced areas of Small Satellites and launch vehicles.

SIAA Space Industry Forum. The Moon Treaty - What does it mean for the Australian Space Industry?

17.00 Thursday 7 February 2019
Level 1 Electrical Engineering Building (Building G17) UNSW Kensington Campus AUSTRALIA
We are bringing together a group of industry experts to discuss the “Moon Treaty”. This agreement is a UN space treaty that prohibits private ownership of extra-terrestrial property and requires an international regime for the safe and orderly development and management of the resources and sharing of the benefits. Although Australia signed this treaty, not all countries have done so – what does this mean for the Australian Space Industry going forward? Join us as we explore this fascinating topic further.
This event is free but registration is essential.

Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC) 2019

From Thursday 14 February to Friday 15 February 2019
St Regis, Singapore
The annual Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC) is Asia’s Premier Space & Technology event, bringing you the latest space technology developments, what’s trending in the satellite scene, and innovations in the space startup ecosystem.

Over 10 years in the making, GSTC has grown to become a key platform in the Asian Space Scene for dialogues on partnerships, and commercial collaborations between businesses, government bodies, and research institutes. In 2018, the conference welcomed clsoe to 600 delegates, over 60 speakers and 200 companies from more than 30 nations around the world.

The 11th GSTC will be hosted at St Regis, Singapore on the 14th to 15th February 2019. With the theme "Pushing The Innovation Frontier", GSTC 2019 aims to focus on emerging satellite technologies, along with new applications and paradigms in the NewSpace arena.

GSTC 2019 will include speakers from SSTL, Airbus, GomSpace, Pictet, Airbus and more.

Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries (GLEC 2019)

From Wednesday 24 April to Friday 26 April 2019
The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and the Centre Royal de Télédétection Spatiale (CRTS), with the support of the Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES) bring you GLEC2019.

This world firt aims at actively engaging emerging countries in the space scene by highlighting the socio-economic benefits of space applications.

The comprehensive programme will include high-level keynotes and round tables focusing on: Benefits of Space Technology and Applications to Socio-Economic Development |Financial Models and Resourcing | Technology and Skills Development | Base Infrastructure Requirements | Space Industry Development and Support | Legal and Policy.

Space Security Conference 2018: Space Security: The Next Chapter

From Tuesday 7 May to Wednesday 8 May 2019
United Nations Office at Geneva, SWITZERLAND
The UNIDIR 2018 Space Security Conference (OS18) will examine the existing framework for space governance to see what aspects remain relevant to the emerging order in outer space, as well as what elements might be updated. In this way, UNIDIR and its partners, The Simons Foundation Canada and Secure World Foundation hope to explore how the international community can start a new chapter of space security dialogue.

Part of the project Annual Outer Space Security Conference.
For more information, contact: daniel.porras@un.org

Space Tech Expo USA

From Monday 20 May to Wednesday 22 May 2019
Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California, USA
Space Tech Expo & Conference is America's engineering meeting place for space technology to showcase the latest from technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and components through to systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space.

Space Tech Expo 2019 will bring a multitude of networking opportunities through focused receptions and events for attendees and exhibitors throughout the commercial, civil and military space supply chain.

Organised by Smarter Shows Ltd.

Space Tech Expo Europe

From Tuesday 19 November to Thursday 21 November 2019
Messe Bremen (Hall 5), Bremen, GERMANY
The free-to-attend Space Tech Expo exhibition & forum is Europe's meeting place for space business, technology & innovation. The three-day trade fair will showcase the latest from technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and components through the systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space.

Strategically positioned in Central Europe, Bremen is a city of aerospace excellence. Space Tech Expo Europe is the continent's major dedicated supply-chain and engineering event for manufacturing, design, test and engineering services for spacecraft, subsystems and space-qualified components.

Organised by Smarter Shows Ltd.
This is a free event for attendees. | For information, email info@spacetechexpo.eu