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Forthcoming Space Events - Australia

ISU/UniSA Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program

From Monday 14 January to Friday 15 February 2019
Mawson Lakes Campus, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
An intensive, five week, live-in experience in the southern hemisphere summer, involving the international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary educational philosophy for which the International Space University (ISU) is renowned.
The program provides a holistic understanding of the key activities and areas of knowledge required by today's space professionals, including
• space science and exploration
• space applications and services
• space security
• human spaceflight and life sciences
• space systems engineering and technologies
• space policy and economics
• space business and project management and
• space law and regulatory issues
The program is conducted each year at the Mawson Lakes campus of the University of South Australia and is open to Australian and international participants from all disciplines.
The program is for:
• Professionals in industry, government and the defence services
• Graduate researchers
• STEM educators
• Undergraduate students in the final two years of their studies.


Aboriginal Cosmos

From Tuesday 15 January to Tuesday 5 February 2019
Adelaide Planetarium, Level 2, Building P, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus SA AUSTRALIA
By the Adelaide Planetarium at the University of South Australia, come and study with renowned astronomer Paul Curnow and learn about some of the most ancient cultures on Earth.

This 4-week course is adults only; and strictly designed for the adult beginner (due to cultural protocols attendees must be aged 16-years or over).

Moreover, it is suitable for adults with limited or no astronomical knowledge who would like to know more about the cultures, night sky and the constellations, as seen by the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia.

This is the only course of its type held in a planetarium anywhere in the world!

Held every Tuesday from Tuesdays 15th of January to 5th of February 2019
Bookings are essential. Cost $140.00 per person.

Exploding Stars, Dark Energy, & the end of the Universe

20:00 Wednesday 6 February 2019
Presented by Dr Brad Tucker (Australian National University), this presentation discusses supernovas and how these massive bursts briefly outshine all the light from the galaxy wherein they occur. The past 15 years has been a “boom” period for supernovae with vast amounts of time and effort being invested in these objects. Not only are they important for understanding the life of stars, but they can be used use as cosmological probes to study what the Universe is made of and how it is growing. This use has shown that the Universe is accelerating in its expansion, the subject of the 2011 Nobel Prize, and is being caused by dark energy which will cause the end of the Universe. I will show how our understanding of these objects has been revolutionised using new techniques including the Kepler Space Telescope and what this means for the Universe.
Event is Free – visitors welcome – booking not required (*Please note – university security locks entrance doors at 8pm sharp*)

SIAA Space Industry Forum. The Moon Treaty - What does it mean for the Australian Space Industry?

17.00 Thursday 7 February 2019
Level 1 Electrical Engineering Building (Building G17) UNSW Kensington Campus AUSTRALIA
We are bringing together a group of industry experts to discuss the “Moon Treaty”. This agreement is a UN space treaty that prohibits private ownership of extra-terrestrial property and requires an international regime for the safe and orderly development and management of the resources and sharing of the benefits. Although Australia signed this treaty, not all countries have done so – what does this mean for the Australian Space Industry going forward? Join us as we explore this fascinating topic further.
This event is free but registration is essential.

16th Australian Symposium on Antennas

From Tuesday 12 February to Thursday 14 February 2019
MGSM Macquarie Park Executive Conference Centre, NSW AUSTRALIA
Sponsored CSIRO Astronomy and Space, the ASA programme will strike a balance between theoretical and practical aspects of design, construction, and measurement of antennas and associated components from low to terahertz frequencies.

Material that has been recently published or is about to be published is not prohibited from presentation as the purpose is to provide an overall perspective of the antenna field.

NSW Hang Gliding State Titles 2019

From Sunday 17 February to Sunday 3 February 2019
An AA Grade hang gliding competition held each February in Manilla (Australia's premier foot launch X-C soaring site).

Run by the Newcastle Hang Gliding Club Competitions.
Practice Day and Evening Registration 6.00pm Saturday February 16th 2019.

SIAA Event - Australian Space Industry Conference

From Monday 25 February to Tuesday 26 February 2019
25 February 2018 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and 26 February Avalon Airport, Avalon VIC AUSTRALIA
The Space Industry Association of Australia has joined forces with Aerospace Australia Limited in launching the inaugural two-day Australian Space Industry Conference.
Join a constellation of space industry, R&D and Government speakers presenting on issues for the space industry and the space-enabled industries it will support, focusing on opportunities for business development.

SIAA members receive an event discount.
See here for an event overview. https://www.airshow.com.au/airshow2019/TRADE/conferences/SIAA/index.asp

Avalon International Airshow and Aerospace and Defence Exposition

From Tuesday 26 February to Sunday 3 March 2019
Avalon, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is one of Asia-Pacific's most prestigious aviation and aerospace events and the most comprehensive aviation, aerospace and defence exposition in the southern hemisphere.

Avalon hosts multiple concurrent conferences and expo streams, across the spectrum of Defence, Airlines, Business and General Aviation, Sport and Recreational Aviation, Airports, MRO, Space, Unmanned Systems, Air Safety and Ground Equipment.

Avalon supports multiple ways to engage with government, industry and defence opportunities; including indoor and outdoor exhibitions, chalets, sponsorship, and networking events.

While Australia and New Zealand prepare major Defence modernization programs, civil aerospace companies are pursuing the rapidly-growing Indo-Asia-Pacific airline and civil aerospace market, and the public will view the history as well as the margining future of air transport and air power.

Victorian Astronomy Convention (VASTROC) 2019

From Saturday 10 August to Saturday 10 August 2019
Frankston, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
The Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society hosts the 17th Victorian Astronomy Convention.

A biennial conference for all amateur Astronomers in Victoria. It is hosted in odd years by the different astronomical societies around the State of Victoria.

10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

From Friday 1 November to Friday 1 November 2019
Terry Cubley EO attended the International Gliding Commission (IGC) meeting in Luxembourg and presented the bid for Lake Keepit to host the 2019 Women's World Gliding Championships.

The bid was successful and championships will be held in November 2019. This will be the third World Gliding Championships to be held in Australia over a four year period.
To be held in November 2019 - exact dates TBA.