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members of the SIAA Board of Directors

What is the Role of SIAA?
The Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) is a nationwide organisation formed to promote the growth of the Australian space sector. By formulating national policies and strategies, SIAA speaks with authority and credibility on behalf of its members on issues connected with the development of the Australian space industry.
What services does SIAA provide?

SIAA takes a leading role in advising government on behalf of the space industry. Through a program of meetings and other communications, SIAA consults with its members to devise policies to support the development of the Australian space industry and is active in promoting commercial, industrial and research opportunities for its members nationally and internationally.

What is the scope of the Australian Space Industry?

The space industry in Australia consists of individuals and organisations involved in the provision and use of space related technologies or services. These technologies and services include the following: 

  • Telecommunications
  • Remote Sensing
  • Environmental monitoring and meteorology
  • Satellite development
  • Satellite components and sub-systems
  • Ground systems for space technology
  • Global Positioning
  • Space Science
  • Space Education
  • Professional services to support the above (legal, financial, insurance etc)

To access the SIAA Australian Space Capability Database click here.


Rod Drury CSC
Chair, SIAA
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