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What can SIAA do for its members?
SIAA seeks to focus the individual interests of its members into a collective industry-based voice.  We harness the skills and expertise of our membership to address issues of common concern to individuals and businesses involved in, or seeking the benefits of the space environment.  By adding your support, SIAA can provide you with information, expertise and advice that is timely and relevant to your business development needs and concerns. 
Who are SIAA's members?

Satellite operators, launch providers, engineers, scientists, researchers, university students, lawyers, policy analysts, insurance experts, financiers, consultants, and others.  SIAA's membership represents the diverse character of the Australian space industry.  Membership is open to all businesses, educational institutions, government organisations and individuals involved in the space industry or with an interest in space and a desire to establish a strong and diverse space industry in Australia. 

What does it cost to become a member?

SIAA has six membership categories to reflect the range of industry participation.

Membership Category

Per Annum
*Inclusive of GST

Large Corporations (more than 100 employees)


Government Organisations


Small Corporations (less than 100 employees)


Non-profit Organisations




Young Professionals (under 30) - first year membership


How do I join SIAA?

To join SIAA or renew your membership, please download the PDF version of the membership form and mail it with a cheque or credit card details to:

The Treasurer
Space Industry Association of Australia Limited
PO Box 1220
Golden Grove Village SA 5125

OR email a scanned copy of the membership form with credit card details to: treasurer@spaceindustry.com.au