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SIAA White Paper 'Advancing Australia in Space' - Key messages

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Media Reports on White Paper

6/10/2017 Australia sets up space agency with eye on satellite tech - Straits Times

30/09/2017 Last in space: our late agency plans - The Saturday Paper

29/09/2017 Spy satellites to protect Australian coast - Adelaide Now

29/09/2017 Launch testing and space qualification missions are set to happen in South Australia - Adelaide Now

29/09/2017 National space program must be small, agile and private - The Australian

29/09/2017 Australia launches $10m satellite program to help spy planes detect warships, asylum seeker boats

29/09/2017 Space Sensor research kicks off - Pyne Online

29/09/2017 $9.96 million space research partnership with UNSW Canberra - Pyne Online

28/09/2017 Space school launches as STEM interest prepares for take-off - News Leads

27/09/2017 Italian space company intent on building satellites in South Australia - News Leads

27/09/2017 Inovor Technologies granted $450,000 to sell its nanosatellites - ABC News Online

26/09/2017 The economic reasons why Australia needs a stronger space industry - The Conversation

26/09/2017 First space deals announced at congress in South Australia - News Leads

25/09/2017 Australia launches brand new space agency in attempt to flee the Earth - The Independent

25/09/2017 Australia to Establish National Space Agency - Space News

25/09/2017 Major players applaud Australia's decision to establish national space agency - The Lead

25/09/2017 National space agency for Australia, Adelaide poised to be major part of new industry - Adelaide Now

25/09/2017 Australian Government announces national space agency at IAC launch - The Lead

25/09/2017 Turnbull Government to establish national space agency

24/09/2017 Astronautical Space Congress: What Australians need to know about space - ABC News Online

22/09/2017 Lost in space: Australia dwindled from space leader to also-ran in 50 years - The Conversation

21/09/2017 SA creates new space industry centre as Premier urges PM to announce national agency - ABC News

21/09/2017 State Govt launches its own space industry centre - InDaily

20/09/2017 Momentum builds for Australian space agency ahead of International Astronautical Congress - ABC News

19/09/2017 Space bigger than subs for SA

9/09/2017 How South Australia could propel itself to a big share of the $400 billion global space economy - Adelaide Now

4/09/2017 Satellite group warns investment at risk unless policy settings are fine-tuned - Communications Day

2/09/2017 SA Government says lack of action in the global space race is an embarrassment - Adelaide Now

1/09/2017 National agency will double Australia's space industry - The Lead

31/08/2017 You don't need to be a rocket scientist to work in space - InDaily

21/08/2017 South Australia and ACT band together to fight for space agency - The Lead

21/08/2017 ACT and SA sign agreement to advocate for the creation of a national space agency - ABC Radio

21/08/2017 SA and ACT team up for space agency - SBS News

18/08/2017 Rocket woman - meet Flavia Tata Nardini, the European scientist who is helping blast SA higher into the space age - SA Weekend

15/08/2017 Brew Ha Ha - Australia, Let's Go To Space - Australia's Science Channel

8/08/2017 Canada could hold key to Australian space agency success - InDaily

4/08/2017 Mounting urgency for Australia to get a national space agency according to the State Government

4/08/2017 South Australia teams with ACT to push for national Space Agency - The Lead

4/08/2017 South Australia pushes to fast track space agency - ABC News

3/08/2017 Push for space industry in South Australia as Holden closes down - Adelaide Now

29/07/2017 Australian businesses eye final frontier as calls for space agency grow - SBS News

18/07/2017 Space industry needs a giant leap, not this small step - InDaily

14/07/2017 IoT satellite constellation orbits investors - The Lead

14/07/2017 Is govt space review redundant? - InnovationAus.com

13/07/2017 Space sector review off to rocky start - Communications Day

13/07/2017 Brad Tucker on 7.30 Report ABC TV

13/07/2017 Do we need a NASA? Sinodinos invites ex-CSIRO chief on a space odyssey - The Mandarin

13/07/2017 Australia is looking into starting a space agency - Business Insider

13/07/2017 Space agency' one option as Australia pursues $420b space technology sector - SBS News

13/07/2017 Viability of an Australian space agency tested by government review - news.com.au

13/07/2017 Space agency on the cards as Government announces review of Australia's capabilities - ABC News

13/07/2017 Australia is crying out for its own space agency. Here are six reasons why - ABC News

13/07/2017 Government to review space policy - Sky News

13/07/2017 SA will create its own space agency if Feds don't act - InDaily

13/07/2017 SA prepared to go it alone on space - SA Government Media Release

13/07/2017 Expert review of Australia's space industry capabilities to participate in global market - Minister Sinidinos Media Release

8/07/2017 Fleet orbiting Musk for its deep space mission - The Advertiser

22/06/2017 Why Australia needs a space agency - ASPI Strategist

15/06/2017 Time for an Aussie space agency? - InnovationAus.com

13/06/2017 Australia needs a space agency before startups are lured away: Fleet - ZDNet

13/06/2017 Why Australia can no longer afford not to have a space agency - The Australian

13/06/2017 Government urged to watch this space - The Australian

13/06/2017 A startup entrepreneur just urged the Australian government to create a space agency - Business Insider

19/05/2017 An Australian space agency is no laughing matter - The New Daily

12/05/2017 Fleet Startup Signs First Pilot Partners - Via Satellite

4/05/2017 Celebrated NASA astronaut backs SA space agency - Defence Connect

4/05/2017 Space agency gives NZ edge over Australia - Sky News

4/05/2017 A constellation of tiny satellites on RN Drive - ABC Radio National

1/05/2017 Australian Space Agency - the final frontier - Australian Defence Magazine

28/04/2017 Andy Thomas joins calls for Australian space agency - InDaily

21/04/2017 SA looks to expand from defence state to aerospace state - Defence Connect

20/04/2017 Time is ripe for domestic space agency - Defence Week

20/04/2017 Space Association of Australia Media Release

19/04/2017 Aussie satellite launch inspires space push - Sky News

19/04/2017 Feds consider value of national space agency - InDaily

18/04/2017 SA supports Space Agency - News releases - Martin Hamilton-Smith

18/04/2017 State Govt to campaign for national space agency - InDaily

18/04/2017 Australia's back in the satellite business with a new launch - The Conversation

13/04/2017 South Australia and France discuss out of this world space technology - SA Premier Media Release

12/04/2017 Australia's space industry entering a 'new era' prompting calls for national agency

12/04/2017 ABC National News

11/04/2017 Blackbird and Mike Cannon-Brookes back space tech startup Fleet's $5m round

11/04/2017 Space startup Fleet raises $5 million Series A to build network of nanosatellites

11/04/2017 This startup wants to run the internet of things via nano satellite

11/04/2017 These 3 Nations are Aiming Higher in the International Space Race - Via Satellite

28/03/2017 Space lobby calls for government to urgently back an Australian space agency - Communications Day

27/03/2017 World Science Festival: Australia 'lags rest of the world in space exploration' - ABC News

23/03/2017 Call to establish national space agency - Australian Defence Magazine

21/03/2017 Pressure mounts on Australian Government to launch space agency

21/03/2017 Space White Paper Released - Sky News

19/03/2017 Australian Space Project Push - Sky News

10/03/2017 Euro Feature: Space Proposal - Sky News